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Helena Willems (1963°) is a qualified dance/movement therapist. People, movement and providing care have always played a major role in her life.
Because of her personal interest, and to professionalise her engagement for health and wellbeing of people, she successfully completed the four-year dance/movement therapy studies at AgapeBelgium, center for training in therapy and ceremonies in June 2011.

In October 2012, she founded her private practice She works with individuals and groups, in association with local communities and with corporate and educational organisations nationally.

As a therapist, she is a member of BVCT- ABAT (Belgian Association for Creative Therapy) and ADTA (American Dance Therapy Association). She follows the code of good practice as set out by these professional organisations. As such she regularly follows professional supervision. Helena furthers her development and studies through the diploma program  in Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy ( .
Since 2006, Helena practices Authentic Movement and she continues her personal paths in taking part in international intensive training in Authentic Movement, Active Imagination and The discipline of Authentic Movement.  Her Authentic Movement teachers are Niek Ghekiere, Tina Stromsted, Patrizia Pallaro, Linda Hartley, Irmgard Halstrup and Céline Gimbrère. The latter being her supervisor since 2015.

She also is joint founder of a peer group for dance and movement therapists.


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