Authentic Movement Belgium

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There are many forms of personal and professional development, which makes it very important to find a therapy and/or guidance which suits you.
Where you referred by a coach, therapist? Or is your doctor of the opinion that movement can support medical treatment? Maybe you wish to address complaints which you experience in life through dance and movement? Or would you like to get nearer to emotions without being overwhelmed by them? Or are you just curious if dance can contribute to your quality of life?

You can chose either individual or group session, a short or long process during which you can examine, learn how to handle and resolve specific complaints which you actually experience in your daily life; or you can explore life’s purpose and spiritual themes through movement.

The next step is contacting me in order to receive information, free of obligation, and/or to determine a day and time for a first individual session.

During the starting session, which is free of obligation, we get to know each other. You formulate your help request; if this is unclear I help you to chart the additional question(s). If possible we determine a target. We explore what dance and movement therapy could do for you. You will always be informed about which methods and ways of working are applicable to you. If we mutually agree that this contact is positive, we can decide to continue working together, and agree on a treatment period. Both the aim as the treatment period can be adjusted during our cooperation, if you desire to do so. If it transpires during the starting phase or during the treatment period that other competences are required, you will always receive a suitable referral.

The focus in my work both in individual as in-group work is on the uniqueness of each person. Starting point is that which is present at the start, with the utmost attention for being present during the direct experience in a non-judgemental manner; whereby how you experience and know yourself in your current life is of great importance. You come to a movement in the present and experience this movement on the emotional and physical levels. This is then reflected upon in order to integrate the experience. The sessions are experienced as giving insight, nourishing, beneficial and healing.

The focus of my work is always the unity of body, mind and soul, and the direct experience of being, in order to evolve to an extended consciousness of body and self. These processes are steps to help you grow to unity with yourself, the others and the larger whole.