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On this page I am sharing info about the activities in which I participate / have participated myself, source listing, new ideas for workshops :

22 January 2016 : The American Dance Movement Association celebrates its 50 anniversary and is making a pledge to all dance/movement therapists to

Be a part of the 50 years/50 Ways to Advocate movement!

Commit to advocating for DMT during our 50th celebration year! 

Here ‘s how I advocate for DanceMovement :   I OFFER :

  • a free experiential group at a nursing home or group home
  • the next days I will contact  Brussels (or proximity) yoga studio, zen studio, or health and wellness studio  and  I’ll offer to give a workshop on integrative movement
  •  a workshop or stress management class on the oncology or cardiac units of a local medical hospital
  • to give an in-service workshop for student nurses and interns at hospitals
  •  to give an in-service workshop on non-verbal empathy for doctors in residency

In the coming weeks I’ll reach out for a nursing home, group home, movement studio and hospital and I’ll offer one of the above. Meanwhile if YOU belong to an organization, school, hospital and are curious about the effects of movement, please do contact me. You can follow the results of my offer on twitter or this page.

16 January 2016 Investing in long-term relationships is worth the energy and very rewarding :  I am happy to announce the  renewed connection with the Local Community Center in Wemmel (near Brussels) for a contribution to their Health and Well being Scheme. I will be  offering psycho educational movement sessions from February 2016 onward as a part of the communities campaign on healthy approaches of diminishing anxiety and stress levels.    In these sessions we focus on body awareness and on the differentiation of thoughts, feelings and emotions. As soon as the participants are able to name what is going on in their mind and body, they are able to differentiate those processes. Then they can focus on positive feelings and relaxation in their minds and bodies. The sessions include as well verbal exchange of their experiences, they feel held and nourished in the circle. It is a joy and pleasure to re-engage with local organizations and to contribute to people’s quality of life!

On Friday morning, October 9th, 2015, I participated in the initiative of the Flemish Association for Mental Health – Call to action, “Together Resilient = mental health in all policies”. policy makers and decision makers from all areas, politics, education, health, … were invited to join.