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Dance / movement therapy uses dance and movement as a psychotherapeutic tool to initiate and integrate change processes at the emotional, social, mental and physical levels.
Dance / movement therapy considers the whole of the person, a physical, thinking, feeling, spiritual being.


How people move in their lives, how they approach life, literally and figuratively, is reflected by their body language and posture. Many people have an uncertain relation with their body. Blockages, psychological and/or psychosomatic complaints anchor in the body, thereby influencing emotions, thoughts and feelings. In this way a vicious circle emerges, and a barrier to the personal functioning. This is valid for both the conscious as the unconscious level.

In dance /movement therapy, we rely very much on the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit and that the body contains all knowledge and wisdom, one needs to make and maintain good connections with oneself and others.

Where there are no words, the body takes over communication. The body expresses itself in and through movement. The body remembers and tells the truth. Movement allows stored emotions and experiences to surface, and lets people quickly reach the core of emotions, feelings and thoughts. The body becomes a source of power for personal expression and insight. The change process starts.

From a deep confidence in the honesty of the moving body the moving person becomes aware of the processes taking place at the mental, physical and spiritual levels. We become conscious of the subconscious processes.

This awareness process receives full attention. It is truly lived in the body. During dance and movement new experiences are gained, and these are also experienced, felt, lived, by the body. During the embodied experience an in-depth contact is made with the own authentic being, and an acceptance process develops.

The change, development, acceptance and awareness processes are embodied and integrated at the cognitive, body and soul levels. People acquire a body and self-image which is connected to their real being.

In this way an embodied confidence is created, to which people can return time and time again. Self-reliance and wellbeing increase; a virtuous circle of trust in oneself, the others and the whole.

Dance / movement therapy can be seen as an embodied form of psychotherapy and wellness, using mainly the inner wisdom of the own being, and the self-healing force of the body.