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New group Authentic Movement – English

10 Tuesday evening sessions starting 19th  February to  23rd April 19.30 h – 21.30 h

  Flexible formula for participation from 19/02 onward

3 evenings : 81€   5 evenings : 120€  10 evenings: 210€

Discover self love, growth and well being through Authentic Movement

Please make sure to book your space for the upcoming Authentic Movement series of evenings,  before 12 th of February

Wonderful ways  to move, and keeping moving.

You are invited to use the time and the space you need to express you inner impulses. You translate your internal world into movement, and experience what that does to you. In this way you will rediscover yourself and your body in an unusual way, and also become more conscious of your body. It is as if you embark on a voyage of discovery, through the layers of physical movement, sensory observances, thinking and feeling, to the actual being in your body. In combination with your breathing you will explore these layers of thoughts, feelings, emotions, physical sensations again and again through movement, and make the connection between your head and your heart.

During the movement process, you will learn to witness yourself in a non-judgmental way. You are given the time and the space to practice this, and to embody the richness of your movement experiences. You are also witnessed none judgmentally by the group leader and as the work develops by  other movers.  In this way a space is created in which there is attention for yourself and your own being, where clarity and awareness grow.

New possibilities appear, and by practicing during the sessions, you can transpose your skills to your daily life, drawing strength from them, and experiencing an enrichment of your life.

It is not necessary to have any dance experience to participate; authentic movement respects the physical condition of each participant. Curiosity to oneself is a nice starting point for participation.


To discuss your participationr, egistration and/or information, you can reach me on 0484 92 36 46, or per email on
The practice is in a location in a quiet part of Wemmel (1780), close to the A12, E19 Antwerp – Brussels and E40 Leuven – Brussels (exit Meise, Jette, Atomium).

AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT ‘Self-discovery, body-awareness, grounding, relaxation, self-care, harmony of body and spirit’

February – March 2016 weekly sessions on Monday evening

November – December 2015 weekly sessions on Monday evening

March – April – May 2014 weekly sessions on Tuesday evening

Dates 18 & 25 March, 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 April and 6, 13, 20 & 27 May 2014

Time: 19.30 to 21.30
Flexible formula for participation in one, two or more evenings!
Price: register for one or two evening, and pay 28€ per evening. Register for three evenings and pay 76€ in total. Registration at the latest four days before the session.

After a number of grounding structures from the methods of dance and movement therapy we progress to Authentic Movement. Each evening you go on a voyage of discovery for you natural movement. What makes you move? What do you want to do? How can you perceive physical impulses? Do you long to transform these impulses into movement, or not at all? How do you move on the basis of emotional impulses? Can you perceive these and express them in movement? Or are there more visual impulses? Out of this deep focus on yourself and your inner impulses a movement develops which brings you to new movements. Movement is a voyage of discovery for your real being, with and past your personal history. During this process you develop an inner observer, non-judgemental, without interpretations. The external non-judgemental observation gives you space and confidence. In this way a safe relationship is created between the person moving and the person who witnesses the moving person. This gives the space to be and to move as your inner being inspires you. Have fun and enjoy the dancing and movement with all attention on yourself! You experience and create space in and for yourself; you increase your body-awareness and self-awareness. Time for ‘resourcing’, in connection with your own being, affecting your psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

October – November – December 2013, weekly sessions on Tuesday evening (in Dutch) and on Wednesday evening (in English)

Enjoy this great time and space for grounding, self-exploration and reconnecting with your body through body work and the techniques of tracking your sensations, emotions, feelings and imagination. Be guided through your exploration by a dance movement therapist and experienced AM facilitator, at your own pace. Be introduced to Authentic Movement which is grounded in the directly felt experience. These evenings are for people interested in being more embodied, to support their personal or professional development.

With your focus turned inwards you will explore how you experience yourself in the present moment, this will be the starting point for your movements. What do you feel physically moving in your body? Which thoughts are present in you? Are there any emotions linked to this? Are there stories living in your imagination?
How much of your inner world to you want to or can you show to the external world? How do you treat the riches which are alive in you? Do you hold back, or do you not hold back at all; are you observed in this? Or are you looking for possibilities to show yourself as you really are?
The Authentic Movement evenings offer the possibility to examine these questions through movement. You start a journey of discovery, in partnership with your breathing, of your own movement, honest and sincere. By the parallel processes of impulse movement, observation and verbal integration bridges are built from the subconscious to the conscious. Your subconscious world becomes visible! Self-expansion in movement.

DANCE AND MOVEMENT ‘Relaxation and energy’
July – August 2013, weekly Tuesday evening sessions

DANCE AND MOVEMENT ‘Relaxation and energy’
Autumn 2012, weekly Tuesday evening sessions

Summer 2012 – Movement series, Local Services Center Eureka, Wemmel
Spring 2012 – Movement series, Local Services Center Eureka, Wemmel
Would you like to start moving again without having to achieve things? Are curious about the relaxing effects of dance and movement? Come and discover how you can fully relax through nice and pleasant movements. Free your body of unnecessary tension, it will give you new energy!

DANCE THERAPY ’Coming home in your body, back to the source’
March – April – May 2011
Weekly session on Wednesday afternoon

Would you like to reconnect with your body? Would you like to discover your real self? Do you have trouble dealing with your body and with the emotions which live in you? Of are you curious about what dance and movement can offer you? The preparedness to listen to yourself and to move with it is all you need for this series of lessons.
We come together to experience the force of dance and movement.


To discuss the possibilities of a session, registration and/or information without commitments, you can reach me on 0484 92 36 46, or per email on
The practice is location in a quiet part of Wemmel (1780), close to the A12, E19 Antwerp – Brussels and E40 Leuven – Brussels (exit Meise, Jette, Atomium).